Energy for the Next 2.7 Billion

We’re passionate about bringing sustainable energy to the 2.7 billion people around the globe who today don’t have access to electricity.  As innovative creators and committed problem solvers, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of life for everybody on our planet.

One of our missions at Alpha is to bring electricity to the billions of people who are currently living without it - and eventually turn the way electricity is distributed completely upside down. We want to democratize energy and enable people to build their own energy infrastructure from the bottom-up. 

For us, it’s all about accessibility and sustainability.

Our Energy Moonshot will create a paradigm shift in electric energy distribution, similar to the paradigm shift in networks from telephony to the Internet.

Pushing Forward

These days, energy is distributed pretty much the same way that communication networks worked in the 1970s: Centrally controlled, analogue and closed to innovation. Now Alpha is working on bringing energy distribution into the 21st century to create a similar paradigm shift.

We truly believe that democratized energy is the future.

With our Energy Moonshot we face two major challenges:

  1. The bringing together of a multi-disciplinary team, blending expertise from energy, networks, data science and social entrepreneurship – disciplines that traditionally haven’t collaborated until now.
  2. Applying internet principles to energy: leveraging breakthrough tech, currently at the knee of the exponential curve. 

A Real Impact

Positive social change, progress, and direct impact are at the beating heart of everything we do at Alpha. That’s why each of our Moonshots is focused on solving some of the biggest problems our society faces in the twenty-first century.  We’re in it to help real people. To tackle the most real of problems.

The statistics about energy are hard hitting:

  • According to the UN, a staggering 2.7 billion people living around the world are currently without access to electricity.
  • In addition to this, off-grid households spend up to 20% of their income on inefficient and unhealthy energy.

Sparking a Change

We believe the best way to achieve real change is by helping real people.  Our Energy Moonshot focuses on the following key areas, particularly in the most underdeveloped or impacted areas of the globe:

  • Educational services – improved access to technology and other major learning resources.
  • Health benefits – for example, better health from cleaner air as households reduce use of polluting fuels for cooking, lighting and heating – as well as improved health knowledge through increased access to media.
  • Empowering individuals – men, women and children alike, electrified homes will allow inhabitants to be more productive and live more independently.

Working on an Alpha Moonshot doesn’t just require the power of trailblazing technology – it also demands a certain way of thinking and a tenacious frame of mind. We want the brightest brains with the biggest ideas. We only work with people who concern themselves with the whole picture, and have a genuine yearning to solve the problems that were once thought too big, too intimidating to touch.  We work with new thinkers and far reaching creators, in order to turn our ambitious ideas into a real force for change.

Sounds like something you could be passionate about? For more information about our Energy Moonshot, and how you can help make it real, and change hundreds of millions of people’s lives -  get in touch with Alpha today. Let’s start reshaping the world.

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