Alpha Energy and ME SOLshare partner to evolve peer-to-peer energy distribution technology for off-grid communities

Posted / 12th November 2018

Barcelona/ Dhaka, 12th November 2018 – Decentralised grid technology firm ME SOLshare and Alpha Energy, part of the Alpha innovation facility established by telecoms giant Telefónica, have announced a partnership to accelerate development of energy distribution systems. The collaboration will see the companies work to better understand how data can be used to evolve peer-to-peer microgrids, with the ultimate goal of delivering clean and reliable power to the next billion people.  


Coming off the back of a US$1.66M Series A funding round, ME SOLshare is looking to expand its microgrid technology that enables communities to share and monetise energy. The SOLbox IoT meter allows for peer-to-peer electricity trading between off-grid households connected to solar panels in Bangladesh. Alpha Energy’s unique mix of power systems engineering and AI data analytics capabilities will enable the companies to work to enhance the efficiency of low voltage, peer-to-peer microgrids.


Dr. Sebastian Groh, Managing Director of ME SOLshare, said: “Having already established the world’s first peer-to-peer solar energy platform for off-grid households in Bangladesh, we want to take our SOLboxes to communities all over the world. The aim is to create efficient and dynamic local energy markets that empower households and encourage solar entrepreneurism. We see this partnership with Telefonica’s Alpha Energy team as a crucial step towards creating a viable alternative to inefficient national grids that frequently fail to serve populations.”


Alpha Energy sees great potential in analysing data from off-grid distribution systems as a means of validating technology development and gaining insights from user behaviour. This will allow the development of products and technologies that are more flexible to the needs of communities not connected to reliable grid systems.


Headed by former NaturEner COO Candace Saffery Neufeld, Alpha Energy was established to explore new business opportunities for Telefónica within the experimental energy sector.


Candace Saffery Neufeld, CEO of Alpha Energy, said: “At Alpha Energy we see decentralised distribution systems as an exciting space that can be evolved through innovative controls and storage, applied intelligence and better understanding user behaviour. Our partnership with ME SOLshare is focused on enhancing our shared understanding of these systems that they have started to implement across Bangladesh. Ultimately, our aim is to provide clean and reliable power to billions of people around the world.”